About Us


Our founder and main designer, Claire, is a young artist from the U.K. who originally trained as a traditional fine artist. Preferring modern design and home living, Claire completed a degree at UCAS in illustration before opening Cosmoments in her late twenties with her partner and graphic designer, Chris. With our design background, we can assure you that the attentiveness to detail in our artwork is classy, yet modern and most importantly stylish.


What's unique about us?


We at Cosmoments believe in making your home on-trend and unique. We also believe in family, and bringing out everybody's creativity. Implore your loved ones to leave their lasting impression on your board. Display proudly your family's personal touch. And, if you make a mistake, simply rub away the chalk! You'll still be left with a gorgeous personalised design of the world or cosmos, along with personalised text, which is printed permanently onto chalkboard.


"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
-Albert Einstein

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